You heard me right. 

Myspace Tom is cheating on his old flame with the brighter and shinier version: Instagram.

Better yet he seems to be living the dream.

As his bio reads, “Former 1st friend, enjoying being retired”. Tom is adventuring around the world, taking cool pictures and doing what we all wish we could do-living life to the fullest potential.


Scrolling through his feed is the epitome of wanderlust. It makes you toggle back and forth between where you want to buy a ticket to first but it also did something more.

It inspired me to have trust in the process.

I bet you when Facebook took over and Myspace started its downward spiral Tom had some tough days. If he’s anything like the majority of humans that I have encountered, he probably felt defeated and like he was experiencing a massive failure.

Yet, here he is a few years later living the dream that every millennial is striving for. He might have spent four years sad in bed about the dissipation of Myspace’s online presence unknowing that the best times of his life were still coming his way.

“Just for the record darling, not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning.”

Tom, my first Myspace friend taught me more than just how to make my Myspace profile look top notch-he showed me that he is picture proof that a bad fall may actually be life redirecting you to a more purposeful path.

Looking for travel and life inspiration? I bet that you had no idea that you would be able to find it through the man who started your social media journey, Myspace Tom.