Yep you read that right! Adding good quality grass fed butter to your coffee is the new health trend sweeping the nation! This health trend is definitely one to get on board with. Not only does it taste amazing it really does have a whole heap of benefits. This type of coffee is called a bulletproof coffee created by life hacker Dave Asprey as he wanted to improve his brain function and energy levels so he created the bulletproof coffee. this coffee basically consists of good quality freshly brewed black coffee, coconut oil or MCT oil and organic grass fed butter or good quality Ghee.

  • It promotes weight loss because it keeps you fuller for longer due to the good fats you’re putting into the coffee. It also means you won’t need to eat breakfast because bulletproof coffee is filling enough to count as a meal.
  • It increases your energy levels – do you find you get a huge energy spike when you have a coffee only to crash an hour or two later? Well the good fats in a bullet proof coffee will release the caffein slowly so you’ll have healthy energy levels throughout the day without crashing.
  • It’s full of antioxidants which is great for anti aging and good for you immune system.

So do have we convinced you to give this new health trend a try? If your game watch the video below on how to make the perfect Bulletproof coffee.