By now you’ve probably heard of and maybe even consumed copious amounts of quinoa which is great considering it’s a great healthy carb option. However there is a new grain that is starting to get quite a buzz around it and for good reason to! The grain is called teff which originates from Southern Africa. This grain is traditionally used in Ethiopian cuisine and has a huge range of health benefits, is high in protein, is extremely versatile and takes almost no time at all to cook.

Some of this Super Grains Health Benefits include:

  • It’s Gluten free
  • It helps keep your energy levels as it’s rich in amino acids
  • Speeds up your digestions so it’s great for promoting weight loss
  • Good source of calcium and supports bone health
  • Its a good source of copper which is important for growth and repair in the body as well as a healthy functioning nervous system

There are many different ways to cook with teff you can make both sweet and savoury dishes with it as well as include it in breakfast, lunch or dinner meals.

Here are some of the most delicious teff recipes from around the web:



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