healthy food swaps

Is one of your New Year;’s resolutions to be fitter, healthier and just feel good overall? If it is here is a table of some healthy food swaps so you can say goodbye to processed food and soft drinks and hello to healthy whole foods without feeling like you’re missing out on your favourite foods.

Healthy Food Swaps

Dry foods

White FlourSwap it for Almond meal or coconut flour
PastaSwap it for Zucchini pasta, spaghetti squash
White BreadSwap it for Ezekiel Bread, Buckwheat Bread
Pizza Base, tacosSwap it for Cauliflower Pizza, Cauliflower tacos
WrapsSwap it for Lettuce leaves or cabbage leaves
White Rice, cous cousSwap it for Cauliflower Rice, Brown Rice or Quinoa
Potato chips/ crispsSwap it for Homemade Sweet potato Chips, kale chips, seaweed sheets
Cereal, muesliSwap it for Paleo Granola, gluten free oats, quinoa
White SugarSwap it for Coconut Sugar, Raw Honey or Rice Malt Syrup, natural vanilla essence, stevia, dates
roast potatoes, mashed potatoesSwap it for Sweet potato, pumpkin or carrots or mashed cauliflower
Bread crumbsSwap it for Rolled oats, almond meal, flax meal
CornSwap it for Black beans, lentils, chickpeas
Crackers, corn chipsSwap it for Brown rice cakes, cut up veggies
Salted nuts, peanutsSwap it for Raw or active cashews, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds


Peanut butterSwap it for Almond butter or sun flower seed butter
ButterSwap it for Ghee or coconut oil when used for baking, Avocado when used for spreading on bread
Oils – Peanut, canola, corn, sunflowerSwap it for When not heating: Olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil (these turn unto unhealthy oils when heated)
For Cooking: Coconut oil
Aoli, mayoSwap it for Greek yoghurt with garlic and/ or lemon juice
Tomato sauce & tomato pasteSwap it for Homemade pureed tomato
Sour CreamSwap it for Greek Yoghurt
Vinegar’s – Balsamic, white, white or red wineSwap it for Apple Cider Vinegar
Soy SauceSwap it for Tamari Suce
JamSwap it for Pureed fruit of choice with some chia seeds mixed in to thicken it up

Sweet Food

Yoghurt with added sugarSwap it for Greek Yoghurt, Coconut yoghurt, Kiefer
Ice CreamSwap it for Banana Nice Cream
Processed puddings, chocolate mousseSwap it for Chia seed pudding (in recipe book), Avocado mousse
White or Milk ChocolateSwap it for Dark chocolate 70% + or Homemade healthy chocolate
Dried fruitSwap it for Whole fresh fruit


Dairy Milk & Soy MilkSwap it for Almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, rice milk (make sure they are all sugar free)
CoffeeSwap it for Dandelion root ‘coffee’ with a healthy milk, green tea, gerbil tea
Soft DrinksSwap it for Kombucha, soda water with a squeeze of lemon or lime
Fruit JuiceSwap it for Freshly squeezed vegetable juice with no high sugar fruits. Tip: adding ginger, carrot, lemon or mint to your veggie juices make them taste much better.